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Romani Cymru - Wales first archival and interactive research initiative concerning the historic Romani tribes of Wales.  Their mystical background and richly beautiful culture has often been hidden, unrecognised or plainly ignored, even up to recent times.

Centuries of persecution through ignorance and prejudice, together with a harsh existence in the Welsh valleys, has alienated many of the Romani folk and caused the image of these nomadic people to be completely misunderstood.  Yet nearly all our lives have been enchanted by their language or rich culture in some shape or form.
The sad reality is there are many Romani descendants throughout Wales, now settled within communities, who will not openly acknowledge their Romani origins for fear of the discrimination which still exists even today and the possible repercussions for themselves or their children. 

This archival and informative project will help to record and conserve the little that remains of our Welsh Gypsy heritage and show a clear picture of what the Romani people of Wales, past and present, are all about, enlightening the 'gaje' (general public) on their rich history and dispelling the popular myths surrounding their culture.

DVD Film Release
Eldra Bafta Cymru Award-winning Romani Film
True Life Story of Welsh Gypsies
in the 1930s
A drama set in the wild mountains of Snowdonia, North Wales and based on the childhood of Eldra Roberts, a descendant of the famous Gypsy chief Abram Wood and the Woods/Roberts tribe.
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                                  £11.99 Sold out